Scuba Diving A-Z:

Resources for the scuba diver


You have most likely encountered an unknown acronym when reading a diving article.
This is a glossary of the most common acronyms, terms, and phrases relating to diving. When in doubt, check the glossary.
You can get your scuba diving certification from a number of different agencies. The levels you get from one recognized agency are often valid and can be continued at another. There are committees formed that ensure the equivalency of levels. 
Here is a list of the major scuba diving agency pages where you can verify your scuba diving certifications or professional credentials.
Agencies Equivalences
As you can get your diving certificate from a number of different agencies, you must know the equivalents of the levels/qualifications you get. Should you want to continue your dive training at another agency, you can usually do so, if the agencies have the needed agreements between themselves. 
However, in order to continue your diving education at another agency, you should be acquainted with the bellow table to know what your next milestone is.
To become a diver, you must get your scuba diving certification first. There are many agencies that offer scuba diving education and where you can get your diving certificate. Check the list below to find an agency of your liking and begin your diving adventure journey!