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About our business 

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ProDive is a small family company with the mission to provide experienced divers all around the world with affordable high-quality scuba diving essentials - from scuba o-rings, battery kits, high-quality silicone grease, to personalised log books and labels.

We are diving professionals and believe scuba diving is a lifestyle. We value every single one of our customers and aim to provide only the best quality and best-priced products and services to our clients. Since we are a small business, quality, and relationship with our clients come first. Our values include mutual trust, fairness, and quality products, carefully produced by us with attention to every small detail.

Our goal is to make every customer that shops with us happy. With that in mind, we regularly check our prices against other online retailers to ensure we are competitive on all our products. Our friendly staff is always available to answer all your questions, with great attitude and consideration.

Why Choose Us

  • Attention to detail
  • Competitive prices
  • International shipping
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Friendly team

Our Team

We are a family of scuba divers. As such, we started our business because we understand that although scuba diving is the best sport in the world, things can sometimes go wrong. In such moments, your level of preparation can make all the difference. The products we offer are essential for every save-a-dive kit and can help scuba divers stay safe and enjoy their favorite sport.
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Slavi Mihalev

Tech Leader & CEO

The first diver in the family! Slavi is an entrepreneur by heart and always ready for an adventure. 

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Vania Mihaleva

Financial Officer

Vanya knows her way with numbers and is always smiling. She loves taking underwater photos.

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Militsa Mihaleva

Marketing & Customer Support

Militsa is a passionate Markeeter professional in the UK. She is very friendly and likes being creative.   

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Petar Mihalev

Creative & Design

Petar is very creative and loves designing excellent visuals. He likes coding and computers. 

Happy customers say

I love the brand and the team. Always a pleasure to work with them!

- Sara Sharpe - Dive Master 

This shop has a wide range of o-rings and lots of useful technical information. I am a regular customer and am always happy doing business with them.

- John Ortmayer - Diving Center Owner

Great business! Would recommend to any diver for their diving essentials.

- Lara Smith - Open Water Diver 

Super shop! Have an excellent range of o-rings, silicone grease, battery kits and so on. 

- Steven Thomas - Advanced Diver

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