O-Rings & Gaskets

O-Rings and gaskets for scuba diving equipment

More than 250 different types of o-rings made of the highest quality special NBR, FKM Viton, or EPDM grades available on the market.

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Inflator Hose O-Ring 7.5 X 1.5


Scuba Diving Inflator Hose O-Ring 7.5 X 1.57.5 x 1.5 mm NBR70 Pack of 10 pcs.Used for Inflator Hose O-RingCommon in aluminum cylinder valve to yoke regulator sealsSize: ID X CS : 7,5 X 1,5 m..

Air Spool O-Rings for SPG Swivel 003 EPDM


Scuba Diving O-Rings EPDM-003  AS568-003 EPDMCompatible with almost every brand SPG available todayRequired installation between HP hose and SPG or Transmitter Pack of 10 pcs.Used in&nb..

Air Spool O-Rings For SPG Swivel HP Hose 003


Scuba Diving O-Rings -003 HP Hose  SPG Swivel O-RingsO-Rings AS568-003 NBR90Pack of 10 pcs.Used for Submersible pressure gauge console and internal swivel sealCompatible with almost every brand S..

AquaLung SeaQuest Powerline Inflator Ventil


Aqualung Ventil Powerline InflatorAquaLung SeaQuest Powerline Inflator VentilSuitable for:SeaQuest BalanceSeaQuest Black DiamondSeaQuest Diva LXSeaQuest Diva XLTSeaQuest FusionSeaQuest LatitudeSeaQues..

Atomic Aquatics Cobalt O-Ring Kit


Atomic Cobalt Quick Disconnect O-RingsAtomic Aquatics Cobalt Quick Disconnect Service Replacement O-Rings kitService kit content:2 x 003-90 NBR901 x 009-70 NBR701 x 012-12 NBR702 x 1x2,5  &n..

BCD Inflator Hose Servise kit O-Rings


BCD Inflator Hose Service kit O-Rings, Valve, Schrader Toll for 5 HosesO-Rings for inflator hoses -10 pcs  Schrader Valve Tool - 1 pcs.Valves - 5pcs.Great Save-A-Dive kit itemService kit wit..


BCD LP Hose O-ring Install Tool

7.90€ 8.90€

Bull clip O-ring insert tool of LP BC hoseUniversal BCD Hose O'ring Tool  Tool for installation of the inner BCD hose o-ring..

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DIN to Yoke Insert Tank Valve Adaptor


Tank Valve Adaptor DIN to YOKE Adapter Converts any DIN tank valve to yokeMade of chrome-plated brass, high tensile strength, and corrosion resistanceConvert any DIN tank valve to Yoke tank so th..

Diving O-Ring Kit Save a Dive 55 pcs


Most Popular O-Rings Dive trips or local dive. You just never know how easy things can get lost or brokenDon't kill a dive when you can save it!NBR O-Rings Includes the most common O-Rings for BC..

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