Viton FKM Diving O-Ring Kit

Viton FKM Diving O-Ring Kit

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Black Viton FKM Dive O-Rings Kit50 pcs. 10 sizesMost common o-ring...

Product Description

Black Viton FKM Dive O-Rings Kit

50 pcs. 10 sizes

Most common o-ring sizes used in scuba diving applications

Viton has excellent high-temperature resistance as well as good resistance to fuels and acids.

Black Viton used with NITROX because of its excellent resistance to oxygen.

Kit Contents:

Size Scuba Application Hardness Pieces
003 HP Hose/ SPG Swivel FKM-75 5
010 LP Hose / 2nd Stage FKM-75 5
011 Low-pressure Regulator Hose: Reg. Port Plug, hose adaptors FKM-75 5
012 High-Pressure Seat Seal, Console/gauge hoses FKM-75 5
013 Large Port; Piston Seat seal; Survivair Manifolds FKM-75 5
014 Standard Yoke Regulator/K-valve FKM-75 5
015 Cylinder Valve Bonnet Nut FKM-75 5
111 Small DIN Regulator/Valve and Old Yoke Valves FKM-75 5
112 Standard DIN Regulator/Valve FKM-75 5
116 1/2" Tank Neck, Genesis Tank Neck O-ring FKM-75


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