Shock Cord Bungee Line

Shock Cord Bungee Line

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Scuba Diving Black Bungee Line
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Product Description

Scuba Diving Black Bungee Line

Over 100% stretch for best durability. Natural Rubber cores.

Outside Diameter: 6 mm

Length: 5 meters

Our Bungee Cord is constructed of continuous rubber elastic strands with an outer nylon sheath. Bungee cord materials consist of Polypropylene, heavy-duty nylon, OCE fiber, and EPDM rubber strands. High strength at break Good UV resistance


- Scuba Diving, Trailers, Boating, Caravaning, Camping

Cover: Nylon

Lining: Rubber Strands

Hose Reinforcement: Polypropylene

Brand: ASH Rubber

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