Scuba Diver Vinyl Sticker

Scuba Diver Vinyl Sticker

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Scuba Diver Vinyl Decal Sticker 

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Product Description

Scuba Diver Vinyl Decal Sticker 

2 stickers 7cm Wide x 5cm high.

High-quality vinyl stickers

Ideal for laptops, fridges, cars, motorbikes, toolboxes, and similar flat & smooth surfaces.

Sticking Instructions:

- Prepare the surface properly, ensure it is free from dust, debris, grease oil, etc for best adhesion.

- Clean only with water - don't use chemicals/glass cleaners.

- Remove backing paper from the sticker, leaving sticker on the application tape.

- Apply the sticker to the surface, and rub over firmly.

- Carefully remove application tape from the sticker, leaving your new sticker applied to the surface.

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