Scuba Diving Service O'rings Kit Spare 145 O-rings

Scuba Diving Service O'rings Kit Spare 145 O-rings

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Product Description

Scuba Diving O-Ring  Kit

  • Diving O-Ring kit. Great assortment of common scuba o-rings includes 145pcs. O-rings in 15 of the most popular sizes 
  • Ten (10) pieces of each size BN 70 or BN 90 Duro Harder 
  • The most common o-rings are great for your tank valve, air hoses, cameras, pressure gauges, dive lights, BCD's, regulators.

Size / Scuba Application

Size 003  High PressureHose/Swivel Seal

Size 006  Power inflator stems

Size 007 Regulator piston ring, small HP seal

Size 008 Regulator piston ring; small HP seal

Size 010  Low-Pressure Hose/2nd Stage Reg/Cylinder Valve Stem 

Size 011  Low-Pressure Port/Hose, Hose Adapters 

Size 012  High-Pressure Port/Hose, Gauge Hose

Size 013  Large Low-Pressure Port/Hose, Piston Seat Seal 

Size 014  Standard Yoke/Tank Regulator 

Size 015  Valve HP plugs, 1st stage inlet fittings

Size 017  Regulator piston ring and cap

Size 111  Small DIN Regulator Valve 

Size 112  Standard DIN Regulator Valve 

Size 116  Small Tank Neck, 3500 Cylinders 

Size 214  Large Tank Neck 

Package Includes:

15 sizes / 145 pcs. 

O-rings seal are divided into organizer case based on different sizes, and labels on the cover.

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