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O-Ring Hook Scribe Set


O-Ring Mechanic's Seal Picker Picking Tool Installer Remover PickRemove and install O-rings and seals with this O-ring hook.Hardened steel shafts and hard-grip plastic handle.Knurled handle for a secu..

O-Ring Seal Pick Tool Plastic


Plastic O-Ring Pick Tool  O-Ring Remover Pick Hooks manufactured from superior quality materials for long service useSolid, hard plastic construction perfect for o-ring applications.Won..


Recreational Dive Planner RDP Dive Table (Metric)

8.40€ 9.50€

Recreational Dive Planner RDP Dive Table Even if you dive with a computer you should always have a set of tables along as a back-up in case your computer fails and you want to continue diving saf..


Replacement Scuba Diving Mouthpiece Snorkel and Regulator

5.60€ 7.50€

Suitable for all snorkels and regulators, easy to installMade from two layers of different kinds of soft siliconeHigh quality, It is one of the most comfortable2 Available colors: Yellow, Blue..

Safety Marker Buoy Mesh Gear Bag


Safety Marker Buoy Mesh Gear Bag Equipment Holder Carry Pouch- Strong mesh pouch bag, lightweight, compact, convenient, and durable- Easy drain thanks to mesh holes design, fast loop tape closing ..

Schrader valve for Miflex inflator hose


Short valve cores suitable for all Schrader type valves.Material: brassThread diameter: 5 mmTop piston diameter: 3.5 mmThe total length of approx. 16.2 mmRated up to 200 psiResistant to petrol, oil, a..

Schrader valve removal tool BCD Inflator Hose

2.90€ 3.50€

Schrader valve removal tool BCD Inflator HoseFits Standard BCD Inflator Hose DIN styleA tool to remove & fit the Schrader Valve in Standard BCD Inflator HoseDesign so you can unscrew the valve to ..

Shock Cord Bungee Line

6.50€ 7.90€

Scuba Diving Black Bungee LineOver 100% stretch for best durability. Natural Rubber cores.Outside Diameter: 6 mmLength: 5 metersOur Bungee Cord is constructed of continuous rubber elastic strands..

SOLIOKS disinfectant for diving gear 1 kg


SOLIOKS:High-level disinfectant and chemical sterilization agent for medical devices and instrumentsEffective against a broad range of microorganisms and viruses: it can destroy Gram-positive and Gram..

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